Firestone-Columbus 5002

Manufacturer: Firestone-Columbus
Production year: 1909
made in united states
Body type: 11
Fuel capacity: 68
Fuel supply system: 1 carb
Transmission: manual
Front brakes: -
Rear brakes: Dr
Drive wheels: 1
Wheelbase: 2794 mm
Front track: 1689 mm
Rear track: 1689 mm
Number of gears: 3
Engine location: 1
Engine alignment: 1
Engine coolant: 1
Displacement: 4691 cc
Bore: 114 mm
Stroke: 114 mm
Cylinders: 4
Valves per cylinder: 2
Total valves: 8
Aspiration: 1
Fuel consumption in city: 10.8 l/100km
Fuel consumption on road: 5.8 l/100km

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